How to swap recipes

If you find a recipe in your meal plan you don't like, you have the following options:
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  1. Swap Recipe
  2. Copy From
  3. Manual Search

Swap Recipe

Click on the swap button above the recipe you would like to change. You will be presented with a list of options that match your nutritional targets. You can press the "Show 5 more" button if you would like to see more options. 

Each recipe listed will show the "Ready in" time as well as a button you can hover called "Ingredients" which lets you preview which ingredients can be found in the recipe.

Once you find an option you like, simply press the "Add" button and voila!

Copy From

If you click on the copy button above the recipe you would like to change you will be presented with 3 options. 2 of these options will be suitable for swapping out the existing recipe you don't want:

  1. From Favourites
  2. From Another Day

From Favourites

If you click on "From Favourites" you will be presented with the full list of your favourite recipes to choose from. You can filter the list at the top in the text field. 

From Another Day

If you click on "From Another Day", a popup will open which allows you to view all the days of the week and which recipes are currently in the plan. 

You can select multiple recipes but it will generally be advisable to select one in order to not go over your nutritional targets.

The "replace meal" button means that the current recipe in your meal slot will be swapped out for the new one. If you untick this box, you will add the new recipe as well as keep the current recipe in the meal slot. 

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